About The Book


This story has morphed through the years and has finally formed in the words of this book. It is a journey to reach awareness, it is a creation of space, it is a remembering, a reconnecting with soul. It is a gentle finding of yourself. An acknowledgement of the fact that we are mind, body and soul.

It is a path to a better understanding of who we are, a guide as to how we can look for more, and a puzzle into which we can fit the pieces. It acknowledges the various spaces we may find ourselves in as we go through life. It helps us to really see these spaces for what they are, and shows us how to choose the spaces we are comfortable with. This book is meant to be a whisper to us of what we already know, but just haven’t realized. As a reminder, it nudges memories, paints the pictures and then names the spaces.

Each chapter concentrates on a certain space we may find ourselves in. Each chapter completes with a gentle visualization to help us acknowledge the space.